Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber

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Coir fiber is the part of the coconut shell to be torn. This product is widely used in handicrafts or for covering the roots of plants, media (for growing vegetables). It has also been found that coir

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Coco Peat

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Coco Peat or Coir pith is a byproduct of coconut fiber and is in high demand among Garden Centers and Horticulture Nurseries. Coco Peat is used as a growing medium which provides faster germination an

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Product Description Ready stock good quality cocopeat Application / Models farming, hydroponic, etc.

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Product Description Dear Sir/Madam,This is Kevin from Thong Nhat Limestone Enterprise, Vietnam. We are miner of limestone for cement and steel industry, we have limestone quarry in Quang Ninh Province


Coconut fibre

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Coconut fibre abstract from coconut peel and the use of domestic, furniture and ropes etc.,Product FeatureCoconut fibre usage of various purpose.

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coir yarn

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Coconut yarn abstract from coconut peel for the importer expecting quality and quantity.Product Feature2ply coir yarn for the use of agriculture, construction and domestic purposeProduct Specification

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Fresh matured Coconut

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Fresh matured coconut in bulk quantityProduct FeatureIt is a natural food and also a physical health.Product Specification/ModelsFresh matured coconut

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