skimmed milk powder

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Origin: UKRAINE Fresh cows’ milk indemnes of all affected pathological, healthy livestock, dairy environment horned cattle, not contaminated and not polluted. Product FeatureAccording to process

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Julie Z9 Fulmatic

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Julie Z9 Fulmatic is the jewel milk analyzer of Scope Electric.

Scope Electric Ltd.

MilkoScope Julie C2

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Case – Aluminum 2 mm LED display Possibility for work at 12V, powered by a car battery with a cable, included in the analyzer’s kit. Built-in device for coping with distortions, caused by elect

Scope Electric Ltd.

Julie C8 Automatic

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The measuring sensor of this milk analyzer is made by a special technology, which guarantees its accuracy and precise performance. Case – Aluminum 3 mm LCD display, 4 rows, 20 symbols Detailed op

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Julie Z7 Automatic

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All Scope Electric’s innovations are gathered in Julie Z7 Automatic. This is a high-class milk analyzer, which will apply to the requirements of each laboratory. Julie Z7 Automatic is the gem of

Scope Electric Ltd.

Julie C5 Automatic

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Professional-class milk analyzer. In our clients’ opinion, working with Julie C5 Automatic is pleasure. Case – Aluminum 3 mm LCD display, 4 rows, 20 symbols Scope – system for automatic start of

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Julie C3 Automatic

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Case – Aluminum 3 mm LCD display, 4 rows, 16 symbols Scope – system for automatic start of the analysis Built-in device for coping with distortions, caused by electricity malfunctions. System

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Instant soya milk powder

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This product is a very high quality, bland flavored (no bean flavor) 100% Soya milk powder. The product is produced in a newly installed plant in Nigeria with CFT Rossi & Catelli technology. A new t

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Colostrum Capsules- New Zealand

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Colostrum capsules from the clean green pastures of New Zealand. Hormone, pesticide, mad coe and foot & mouth free. Also available chewable tablets and 100g pure Colostrum powderProduct Specification

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KENDI is a spray dried full cream instant milk powder made from pure cow’s milk of the highest quality. It is enriched with vitamin A & D3. KENDI dissolves instantly in hot and cold water and becomes