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[Agriculture & Food/Animal Feed & Fodder] Tel:+84-088-8018187

We are Phuc Huy Import Export Company Limited. Our company established and is developing very well in Ho Chi Minh City. We provided some agricultural products in Vietnam. We have a modern factory, the


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Boyang co., ltd.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+82 61-682-9661

We were established in 1973 to export seaweed products to Japan and are a specialized seaweed product processing company as designated by the Small Business Administration

TEL:+82 61-682-9661

Nantong Wen Xing Food Co., Ltd.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+86 139 0627 2738

Nantong Wen Xing Food Co., Ltd., is located in Rudong County, specializing in seaweed for 15 years. One of the best Chinese seaweed export company. Our company mainly pr

TEL:+86 139 0627 2738

Gwangcheon Samwon Food

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:82-41-6411015

Gwangcheon Samwon Food Company, as a manufacturer of seasoned laver in Korea, have manufactured and supplied seasoned laver harvested on the western coast after the carefu



[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:82-63-4629233

Haenuri Laver received Traditional Food and Fisheries Quality Certification (by (Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) using 100% domestic lavers with good primal we



[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:82-31-7055592

Dear Sir or Madam,. "Welcome to JOEUN FISHERY LTD" Thank you for your support and attention extended to our company, Young Shin Food Co., Ltd. We establish



[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+82 10-2550-3616

We are sending you this letter with a copy of our detail description for laver. The high quality of our products is well known and universally acknowledged and we are conf

TEL:+82 10-2550-3616

jesus de nazareth peruvian

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+51 968 610 577

We are an company exporter seaweed Dried different varieties. Species: chicorea De mar. chondracanthus Chamissoi /, nigrenscens lessonia, Macrocystis Pyrifera, Gigartina

TEL:+51 968 610 577

PT Phoenix jaya

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:62-31-71301288

Our Company is PT Phoenix jaya is an International Market, based in Surabaya Indonesia, especially supplies the natural resources product such as DRIED SEAWEED. We supply


Hang Xanh Export Int Company

[Agriculture & Food/Coconut Oil] Tel:84-83-5117827

H.X Export Centre was found in 2000 by our General Director Thanh Minh Dang (Mrs) with strong background of exporting Vietnamese Agricultural and Seafood products for many


Time Seafood (Dalian) Co., Ltd

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+86 411 8480 1360

Time Seafood (Dalian) Co. Ltd, a sole Japanese owned company, was founded in 1991, located in the heart of beautiful city Dalian. Main products include: Frozen season

TEL:+86 411 8480 1360

Qingdao Blue Treasure Seaweed Biotech. Co., Ltd

[Agriculture & Food/Organic Fertilizer] Tel:+86 532 8319 7178

Qingdao Blue Treasure Seaweed Biotech Co., Ltd is located in the west coast of Qingdao China. Our team has be engaged in seaweed field for more than 15 years. We specializ

TEL:+86 532 8319 7178

Dalian Kowa Foods Co., Ltd.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+86 411 8766 2533

Founded in 1988, Dalian Kowa Foods Co., LTD is a Sino-Japanese joint venture engaged in the seaweed farming, harvesting and deep processing. KOWA&aposs products mainly inc

TEL:+86 411 8766 2533


[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+82 41-641-8585

The twenty-first century blessed us with abundance thanks to a higher quality of life, but our tables were laid not with carefully prepared dishes but instant foods and fo

TEL:+82 41-641-8585

KwangCheon DasolKIM Co., Ltd.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+82 41-641-5800

1. Incarnating very traditional and renowned GwangCheon seaweed GwangCheon seaweed only uses seaweed that originated from west cost(SeoCheon) where it uses most luxurious

TEL:+82 41-641-5800


[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:82-41-6423750

BYUL FOOD is a manufacturing company that produces high quality seasoned laver under the commitment of making products that we would definitely share with our families


Fooins co., ltd.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:+82 70-8865-7532

About FOOINS   We working for FOODINS which manufactures and distributes seafood in domestic and foreign markets. I’m writing this e-mail to introduce our

TEL:+82 70-8865-7532

sovimex co., Ltd

[Agriculture & Food/Agricultural Product Stock] Tel:84-8-39483538

We are Sovimex Co., Ltd in Viet Nam, one of the leading exporters in the field of agriculture to many countries in the world.


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[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:84-62-909-888

Dear Sir/Md We are Duy Khang Trading Co Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are Processor & Exporter of Agricultural products.


CV. Alwin Golden Perkasa.

[Agriculture & Food/Seaweed] Tel:62-31-8686-201

Our company is running in trading of Indonesian natural Resources, especially sargassum, cottoni, and spinossum seaweeds